1. Children Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi
  2. Over 200 000 euros have been donated towards providing children with cultural experiences

    The charity foundation “Aitan Lapsi” organised an event to recognise and thank all the good people who in the last three years have helped make several projects happen. During this time people have donated 215 000 euros using reverse vending machines.

    At tonight’s event the charity foundation “Aitan Lapsi” and patron Evelin Ilves handed over a symbolic cheque for 70 000 euros to the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions that will be used for providing thousands of under privileged children with a theatre experience.

    “We would like to thank all environmentally conscious Estonians who have donated to the charity foundation “Aitan Lapsi” via reverse vending machines, thanks to whom our activities have been so successful. More than 230 000 donations have been made so far. This is a very great number and it clearly shows that Estonians care about Estonian children and culture, which are in the centre of our activities,” said Rauno Raal, a board member of the “Aitan Lapsi" charity foundation.

    Raal noted that the charity foundation “Aitan Lapsi” is already working together with 19 theatres all over Estonia, which has enabled underprivileged children from all counties and cities to experience fascinating theatre events.

    “One of our main principles is that every cent donated must benefit the children directly, rather than be spent on administration and middlemen. We find that this is the only way to act because then the benefits from the donations are the greatest,” said Paal Aschjem, a board member of the “Aitan Lapsi” foundation.

    The patron of the charity campaign “Aitan Lapsi”, Evelin Ilves, thanked all the children who had come to theatre tonight: “It is lovely and brings great joy to the people who have donated some of the money from returning used beverage containers so that children could go to the theatre more often.” The wife of the Estonian President stated that there is a significant number of families in Estonia, whose financial situation does not enable them visits to the theatre, which makes the donations and the people who have participated in the campaign even more commendable.

    Everybody can help children: all you have to do is return your used beverage containers to reverse vending machines and press the "Aitan Lapsi" button. Donations can be made in 279 recycling stations all over Estonia. The larger retailers who have joined the campaign are Prisma, Selver, Rimi, ETK Maksimarket, Konsum, Stockmann, Kaubamaja and Grossi Toidukaubad.

    Charity foundation “Aitan Lapsi”, the patron of the charity campaign Evelin Ilves and the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions began a charity campaign “Aitan Lapsi” in May 2011, the aim of which was to offer cultural experiences to underprivileged children. As of today, there are 19 theatres that have joined the "Aitan Lapsi” charity campaign – Estonian Drama Theatre, Estonian National Opera, Estonian Theatre Festival, Endla, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Kuressaare City Theatre, NO99, Puppet Theatre, R.A.A.A.M., Rakvere Theatre, Tallinn City Theatre, Vana Baskini Theatre, Vanemuine, Russian Drama Theatre, VAT Theatre, Von Krahl Theatre, Ugala, Tartu New Theatre and Open Space.