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    From November, 2016, Estonian kindergartens will get free performances of children’s plays telling of environmental topics.


    The project is launched thanks to the competition of environmental children’s plays arranged in co-operation between Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and Estonian Ministry of Culture, called „Theatre to Kindergartens“.


    The winners of the competition are plays by Margus Värav - The Adventures of Pudeli-Pille, staged by Teatripisik and by Donald Tomberg - The Extraordinary Water Bottle, staged by Miksteater.


    In the season of 2016/2017, performances will find their way to 120 Estonian kindergartens in Raplamaa (21), Läänemaa (12), Hiiumaa (4), Saaremaa (16), Pärnumaa (7), Võrumaa (15), Põlvamaa (14), Valgamaa (12), Järvamaa (11) and Lääne-Virumaa (8).

    The kindergartens in all the counties will be contacted by theatres themselves to agree on the time of performance.

    The performances will also continue in the years to come, until all the kindergartens in Estonia have been visited.


    Additional information:

    Kerttu-Liina Urke

    Office and Marketing Manager of Eesti Pandipakend

    Phone: 647 00 13, 569 49 279













    The largest part of donations goes to our core project in co-operation with Estonian theaters; the goal of the project is offering theatre experiences to children from underprivileged families. Almost all Estonian active theaters have joined the project, thus children can visit theatres all over Estonia. The number of children needing support and their contacts are established in co-operation with social workers and organisations working with children.


























    Another important direction is our co-operation with the Estonian Arts Museum. This enables all the schoolchildren to participate in the education programmes offered by the Estonian Arts Museum. The project is taking place in the five museums of the Estonian Arts Museum and it offers a choice of a total of 16 various education programmes to choose from.









    In co-operation with the Estonian Children’s Literature Center, all the children’s departments in Estonian hospitals have been delivered unique movable libraries on wheels, or book carousels, which delivered a large selection of books and board games for the children treated in hospitals. We supported the project with 16 500 EUR that was collected from donations of the kind people that returned their packages. This money bought books and board games for the mobile libraries. Plaat Detail and metal company ASSI that designed and made the book carousels, contributed with 25 000 EUR. With the support from the Ministry of Culture, Estonian Children’s Literature Center will take care of that there will be plenty of books and exciting games on the carousels.





    No costs related to administration or similar are covered from donations; they are dedicated only to the children that are in need of help. Outdoor advertising campaigns, thanksgiving events and other similar costs related to the foundation are covered by our good sponsor partners.