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  2. Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi is taking theatre to all the kindergartens

    Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and the Ministry of Culture pronounced today a competition for environmental productions addressed to children „Theatre to Kindergartens“, the purpose of which is to offer pre-schoolers quality and environmentally educational theatre. In five years, Aitan Lapsi extensive charity campaign has raised 400 000 euros, which has mostly been spent to help underprivileged children experience the magic of theatre.

    As the Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi marked its 5th anniversary in Tallinn Kopli Kindergarten, the Foundation declared the launch of a new project „Theater to Kindergarten“ and is expecting all the Estonian theatres to present ideas for children’s plays about recycling container packages. Up to two plays will be selected from the productions that take part in the competition. The plays will be staged and performed in Estonian kindergartens starting from autumn 2016. The aim is to pay a visit to all the kindergartens in Estonia in a couple of years.

    The competition is for productions that deal with the environmentally friendly issues, and more specifically, recycling of container packages. As to the form, the competition is not dictating anything to participants and their productions: plays or dramatizations as well as group work projects are welcome. A total of 120 performances are to be given for the 2016/2017 season.

    „We have been working for five years now and I am very pleased to note that during this period of time and with the help of environmentally minded and socially caring people we have collected a remarkable amount of 396 000 EUR. This spring we turned our focus to children in kindergartens and are integrating two areas: culture and environmental education. By taking environmental plays to children we offer them quality culture experience as well as information and food for thought of how to keep and preserve our environment,“ said Rauno Raal.

    „It is very important for the young children to learn about recycling of package containers and saving our environment. Once children get used to recycling and understand why it is important, they are most likely to carry on with it for the rest of their lives. Habits are powerful. Aitan Lapsi is helping to form this kind of positive habits,“ said the patron of Aitan Lapsi Evelin Ilves.

    During the anniversary event today, the children in Kopli kindergarten could see a play about empties and recycling, a version of the story about Red Riding Hood, written and performed by Mihkel Tikerpalu, an actor in NUKU theatre.

    A five-member jury of representatives from the Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and the Ministry of Culture will judge the competition plays and the winners shall be declared in September 2016.

    The Charity Foundation launched the „Aitan Lapsi“ project in 2011 in co-operation with Eesti Pandipakend, Tomra Baltic and others to offer children cultural experiences. Since then people have donated nearly 400 000 EUR via RVMs and more than 56 600 disadvantaged children have been to theatre for free.

    Everyone can help children: one only has to return empty container packages to a reverse vending machine and press the donation button Aitan Lapsi. The donations are possible in 328 RVMs all over Estonia. The largest retailers that have joined the project are Prisma, Selver, Rimi, COOP Maksimarket and Konsum, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, Grossi Toidukaubad and Keila TÜ.

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