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  2. Children’s Productions’ Charity Programme to Commence in Haapsalu

    Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi in co-operation with ASSITEJ (Association Internationale du Theatre pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse) commenced a charity children’s productions’ programme to arrange visiting performances for children in Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. The programme is supported by environmentally minded people who have donated to Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi via RVMs.

    The six months’ charity programme in Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (HNRK) entails 14 children’s productions by 11 small theatres. The goal is to offer positive emotions to children who are being treated in HNRK. The first performance was Fairytale of the Golden Fish by Banaanikala project theatre. The performances are free for the audience.

    Until now, Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi has had close co-operation with the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions, enabling theatre visits for 56 000 disadvantaged children. The new programme celebrates the beginning of new co-operation between Aitan Lapsi and Union of Estonian Independent Theatre and Dance Companies and Private Theatres.

    „Children’s theatre productions’ programme in Haapsalu was our first choice when the Union of Estonian Independent Theatre and Dance Companies and Private Theatres approached us with a co-operation proposal. There are many children all over Estonia being treated in Haapsalu rehabilitation hospital who will enjoy the entertaining and educational performances during summer and autumn,“ said a member of the board of Aitan Lapsi Rauno Raal.

    „At the initiative of Union of Estonian Independent Theatre and Dance Companies and Private Theatres we have chosen 14 performances that are suitable for ailing children and small rooms. In addition to our member theatres we have included Estonian Centre of UNIMA, international organisation of puppet theatres ja ASSITEJ Estonian Centre, which is an organisation for theatre specialists and professional theatres for young audience,“ said the Chairman of Union of Estonian Independent Theatre and Dance Companies and Private Theatres Allan Kress.

    Priit Eelmäe, the Chairman of Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre: „Modern stationary rehabilitation is overwhelmingly based on patient’s active participation in various activities. It is obvious that rehabilitation activities and treatment are significantly more efficient and bring better results while combined with meaningfully spent free time. Performances are a nice change and good entertainment. We have only excellent experience from similar projects from the previous years.“

    The budget for the children’s charity performance programme is 5 600€ that come from the donations made to Aitan Lapsi.

    In 2015, there were more than 100 000 donations from kind people in the total amount of 114 617€ to Aitan Lapsi.

    In autumn, Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and the Ministry of Culture will launch environmental children’s productions’ project Theatre to Kindergartens, the purpose of which is to offer pre-schoolers quality and environmentally educational theatre. There are a total of 120 performances planned for the season of 2016/2017 all over Estonia. The estimated budget for the project is 45 000€.

    The Charity Foundation launched the „Aitan Lapsi“ project in 2011 in co-operation with Eesti Pandipakend, Tomra Baltic and others to offer children cultural experiences. Since then people have donated nearly 400 000€ via RVMs and more than 56 600 disadvantaged children have been to theatre for free.

    Everyone can help children: one only has to return empty container packages to a reverse vending machine and press the donation button Aitan Lapsi. The donations are possible in 328 RVMs all over Estonia. The largest retailers that have joined the project are Prisma, Selver, Rimi, COOP Maksimarket and Konsum, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, Grossi Toidukaubad and Keila TÜ.

    Additional information:

    Rauno Raal

    Member of the Board, Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi


    Tel: 5169788