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  2. Free performances on environmental matters are visiting kindergartens paid by donations for empty containers

    From November there will be a total of 120 free environmental theater performances in kindergartens all over Estonia. The project takes place thanks to joint competition of environmental children’s plays „Teater lasteaeda“ (Theater to Kindergarten) of Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and Ministry of Culture.

    The competition that was declared in spring inspired producers of six performances about environmental sustainability and recycling of package containers. The jury consisting of five representatives of Aitan Lapsi and Ministry of Culture and theatre experts selected two winners:

    A play by Margus Värav - The Adventures of Pudeli-Pille, staged by Teatripisik and children’s story by Donald Tomberg - The Extraordinary Water Bottle, staged by Miksteater.

    According to the Theatre Adviser of Ministry of Culture and member of the jury Katre Väli, Aitan Lapsi has led many attractive projects in various areas of culture and now theater magics will be taken to kindergartens. „It is important for each kindergarten kid, including places that are situated furthest from Tallinn, to experience theatre,“ Väli explained. „These kindergartens that will not be reached this academic year, should not worry. The project shall continue next year until we have been everywhere.” She added that the winning plays are warm, captivating and rich in essence and with the help of good visuals will make enjoyable performances.

    Project Theatre to Kindergartens is combining two important goals: it is improving children’s environmental awareness and giving them an opportunity to enjoy quality cultural experience free of charge.

    Member of the Board of Aitan Lapsi Rauno Raal said that the concept of recycling must be consistently explained to children and Eesti Pandipakend and Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi agree that we can create a better tomorrow only by joining our efforts. „Quality performance created for children is a good learning tool that gives both a pleasant experience and helps to reinforce environmental awareness. It is no less important that children will pass the lessons learned on to their parents and mold their attitude to environment,“ Raal stressed.

    The first performances will already take place in November. During the season of 2016/2017, free performances will find their way to 120 Estonian kindergartens in Raplamaa (21), Läänemaa (12), Hiiumaa (4), Saaremaa (16), Pärnumaa (7), Võrumaa (15), Põlvamaa (14), Valgamaa (12), Järvamaa (11) and Lääne-Virumaa (8).

    The project was initiated by Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi and is financed by donations made with the help of RVMs in co-operation with the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

    The Charity Foundation launched the Aitan Lapsi project in 2011 in co-operation with Eesti Pandipakend, Tomra Baltic and others in order to offer cultural experience to children. Since then people have donated almost 400 000 € via RVMs and more than 56 600 disadvantaged children have been to theatres. Anyone can help children. One only has to return empties to an RVM and press the Aitan Lapsi donation button. There are 328 RVMs all over Estonia. The largest retailers that have joined the project are Prisma, Selver, Rimi, COOP Maksimarket and Konsum, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, Grossi Toidukaubad and Keila TÜ.

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    Rauno Raal

    Member of the Board of Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi SA

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    Katre Väli

    Theatre Adviser in the Ministry of Culture

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