1. Children Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi
  2. Half a Million EURO toward providing Cultural Experiences to Children

    Charity Project Aitan Lapsi that was launched in May five years ago has collected half a million EUR from donations. This has funded cultural experiences for tens of thousands of children.

    Thanks to kind people’s donations it has been possible for Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi to offer cultural experiences in areas of theatre, art and literature. The majority of donations have been spent toward educational theatre visits. Almost all of the active theatres have joined the project and that enables children from disadvantaged families to visit theatres anywhere in Estonia.

    In November this year, the Foundation Aitan Lapsi, Eesti Pandipakend and Ministry of Culture co-operated in launching „Theatre to Kindergartens“project. It was preceded by a competition of children’s plays and the two winners will give 120 environmental performances all over Estonia. The visiting performances will take place until the summer of 2017.

    It is the Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi aim to provide children access to literature and art as well. Thus, in February 2015, Guiding Children to Art project was initiated in co-operation with Estonian Museum of Art. During the project, schoolchildren have the opportunity to visit KUMU and Kadrioru Art Museums and Mikkeli, Niguliste and Adamson-Eric museums free of charge. Each such visit to the museums of Estonian Art Museum takes place within the framework of a special education programme. Since March 2015, the Charity Foundation has been guiding 7600 children to art.

    Within the framework of the project launched in 2014, Aitan Lapsi together with Estonian Centre of Children’s Literature, OÜ Plaat Detail and metal company ASSI delivered mobile libraries, or book carousels, to the children’s wards of Estonian hospitals. The book carousels designed and made to special order have an excellent choice of board games and Estonian children’s books. Estonian Centre of Children’s Literature takes care of supplying a selection of happy books for the hospitals’ children wards.

    According to the Member of the Council Rauno Raal, the Charity Foundation has a firm principle of spending all the donated money directly for the benefit of children, not toward administration costs or mediation: „Everyone related to the Foundation are contributing their time and resources voluntarily. This way the donations serve their goal best!“

    Thanks to the kind contributors who have during the last five and a half years donated via RVMs already half a million EUR, Aitan Lapsi has, among others, given joy to 59 932 children that have been to theatre free of charge and to 7 592 children who have visited museums: „In five years we have reached a magnificent milestone. First and foremost, this is thanks to environmentally-minded people who have considered it possible and necessary to donate part of money for their empties to the benefit of Estonian children and culture.“

    The total number of donations is over 500 000, which makes the value of one donation approximately 0,99 cents.

    The Children’s Charity Foundation started the „Aitan Lapsi“ project in 2011 in co-operation with Eesti Pandipakend, Tomra Baltic and others in order to offer cultural experiences to children. Since then people have donated nearly 500 000€ with the help of RVMs and almost 60 000 children in need have been to theatres.

    Anyone can help children: one only has to return their empties to an RVM and press the Aitan Lapsi donation button. It is possible to donate in 333 RVMs all over Estonia. The largest retailer chains that have joined our project are Prisma, Selver, Rimi, COOP Maksimarket, Konsum, Stockmann, Kaubamaja, Grossi Toidukaubad and Keila TÜ.

    Additional information:

    Rauno Raal

    Member of the Council of Aitan Lapsi


    Telephone: 516 9788