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    Aitan Lapsi is one of the largest charity campaigns in Estonia, and at the same time the easiest possibility to do good. We all have the opportunity to donate in 333 Reverse Vending Machines that are located all over Estonia to support cultural experiences for Estonian children. Approximately 50% of the total number of RVMs has been installed special buttons. By pressing it, anyone can donate packaging deposit money to support children. The donator does not have to make a bank transfer, one only has to act environment-friendly and return containers and packages. Hereby is an overview of donations made during the years:




     Frequency of donations

    39 954,65 EUR

    38 400 times


    69 501,56 EUR

    73 726 times


    79 013,48 EUR

    89 504 times


    93 454,80 EUR

    105 979 times

    2015114 617,4 EUR          102 354 times
    2016118 503,40 EUR          104 241 times
    2017123 786,90 EUR

    107 584 times


    638 832,19 EUR

              621 788 times


    All of the donated money goes towards offering experiences related to theatre, arts and literature to children living in Estonia.

    Let us together raise a nation of culture through offering positive emotions!