1. Children Charity Foundation Aitan Lapsi
  2. How to apply for help

    If you are a teacher or a social worker and there are children from disadvantaged families in your school or municipality who do not have the possibility to visit the theatre, submit an application straight to your local theatre and Children Charity Foundation Aitan lapsi will help.

    1. Go to the homepage of Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions www.eeteal.ee, in the menu find Aitan lapsi!, read the terms and fill in the application.

    2. Send the application via email or by post to the contact person of your local theatre. You can find the list of the theatre’s contact persons at the homepage of the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions.

    3. The theatre will process the application within two weeks. If on the requested date the performance is sold out, the application will be put on the waiting list.

    4. If the application is approved, the tickets will be booked for children at the theater’s ticket office. The tickets can be collected on presentation of ID, also before the beginning of the play.

    5. Enjoy your theatre experience!



    Guiding Children to Art is the newest project of the Children Charity Foundation in co-operation with the Estonian Art Museum. Together, we shall enable for as many schoolchildren as possible to participate in the educational programmes of the Estonian Art Museum.

    The project is carried out in five museums of the Estonian Art Museum offering sixteen various educational programmes to choose from.


    For registration, please fill in the form here. The form shall be reviewed and the applicant will be contacted for confirmation of the booking.



    Additional information:

    Liis Suuressaar

    Project manager of Guiding Children to Art in the Estonian Art Museum

    Tel: 602 6010, 5629 9959